John Browning: Building Your Life, Not Just Your Portfolio 

John Browning helps busy professionals plan and invest to build their best lives in retirement using three decades of of Wall Street money management experience. John comes not only with direct money management experience and knowledge but also real world experience that comes from raising three birth children, three adopted children and fostering several more special needs children. His real life funny stories make his subjects more fun and interesting while still being informative.

John and Christine, his college sweetheart and wife of over thirty years, have started, run and sold numerous businesses, and have led teams through all sorts of market and business environments. John has and continues to serve on various not for profit boards and has led nonprofit teams through restructurings, building projects and fundraising projects. John will be the first to tell you that you just cannot make some of the real life stories he has to tell!

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John’s Career Highlights

John began his career in 1991 learning from the ground up, starting in customer service before moving into an assistant municipal analyst role. From there he moved into a senior municipal and corporate analyst at Van Kampen funds, a division of Morgan Stanley.

John began his portfolio management career in 1995 managing several billion in taxable and tax free money market funds. During this period John led multiple specialized foreign and domestic quantitative research projects three of which resulted in the first equity Unit Investment Trust portfolios for Van Kampen Funds.

During 1996 John was asked to join the trading and risk management desk for all Unit Trust operations. Eventually, John went on to become the Executive Director in charge of over $157 billion in equity and fixed income assets at Morgan Stanley.

John moved to Invesco PowerShares in 2009 running several specialty exchange Traded Equity funds and assisting with the purchase of Van Kampen funds from Morgan Stanley.

During 2012 John moved to Run the Unit Trust research and portfolio Management division of Guggenhiem Funds.

John was asked to start a Unit Trust division for Incapital in 2013, which raised approximately $600 million in assets before being purchased in 2017 by Nuveen Asset Management. John continued to lead the division as Managing Director to just under $1 billion in assets under management.

From mid-2017 through 2019 John served Smart Trust, a division of Hennion & Walsh out of New Jersey helping them increase assets under management to nearly $1 billion.

In 2019, John started Guardian Rock Wealth™ an independent, fiduciary, registered investment advisory firm dedicated to bringing Wall Street money management expertise directly to individuals and their families.

John wrote the Amazon best seller Build a Life Not a Portfolio in 2020 and started the weekly Building Your Life podcast, which continues to run today.

John’s Speaking Topics

Are You Concerned About Going Broke In Retirement? Should You Be?

Fun, engaging questions for the audience

Real life stories to help you think about how you are building your best life now and in the future

* Valuable information that most people simply never think about – The audience will leave informed and entertained

Why Most Baby Boomers and Gen Xers Have Beliefs That Often Damage Their Financial Futures

Real Life stories from the trenches of Wall Street Real life stories of hard lessons learned

* How you can win simply by being aware of the changes that have taken place.

Is Your Money Safe?

By the end of this talk you will understand:
  • What the new rules of the game are? 
  • What is different for you versus your parents.
  • Three things you can do now to position yourself to profit.

Build Your Life Not Just Your Portfolio

During this talk about a serious issue, John entertains the audience with fun real-life stories all while making the point that Money is just one of the most significant tools used in building our best lives. John engages the audience with probing and sometimes humorous questions to get them thinking through how they might begin to first identify what their best life might be and some ways they might start to create it. Rather than just let life happen, why not live it on purpose with a plan!

The Eight Common Misunderstandings of Retirement (and how to understand them.)

Did you know that the most common fear of retirees and pre-retirees alike is running out of money during their retirement? During this talk, John addresses the “X factor” the planning and actions that should take place before retirement to ensure that when we start our own personal paycheck protection program we know what to expect and are confident our savings will last and be used to create our best life as we individually define it.

Investing in today's economic environment

Have you heard the latest on TV and social media about the economy? Are you sure you understand what you should be doing to secure your investment portfolio based on what you want? During this talk, John discusses current economic events around the world without invoking politics and uses over three decades of Wall Street experience and study to explain how each item typically impacts the many other facets of the complex adaptive system we call our worldwide economy. During this talk and all of his speaking engagements, John is happy to take specific questions from the audience.

Innovation, Investing and Why It Matters to You

During this talk, you will walk through the history of innovations and gain an understanding of the role of innovation in successful investing. How to invest in innovation and how not to invest in innovation. This talk is both intriguing and entertaining with stories of both tragedy and triumph.

Index Investing – Right or Wrong or Neither?

During this talk, John explained the many misnomers of index investing, how it can be a great way to invest in some circumstances and how it can lead to disappointing results for others.

Goal Setting That Actually Works (and why most don’t)

During this talk, John talks about the strategies and tactics of goal setting, why it is important, and why it often does not actually lead to the desired results. Here again, John mixes in entertaining and informative stories and questions to leave the audience with the tools they need to not just set good goals but actually accomplish them.

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John Browning Introduction Bio

John Browning takes complex subjects and brings them to life with stories, humor, and your audience will walk away talking and sharing how they learned so much on important topics.

John brings over 30 years of Wall Street experience helping people and companies grow their knowledge and portfolios while successfully managing billions in portfolio assets.

He has served in executive-level positions in the financial industry at major Wall Street firms including Morgan Stanley, Invesco, Guggenheim, and Nuveen.  John has been featured in Advisors Magazine, Asset TV and quoted on Bloomberg News, CNBC, NBC and other major news sources.

Combine John’s skills as a presenter with his knowledge and expertise in the financial industry and you can’t go wrong when you invite John Browning to share with your organization.

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