Episode 97: Plan Your Inheritance Without Breaking Your Bank. An interview with Alexander Konetzk

by | Dec 21, 2021 | Build Your Life Podcast | 0 comments

Alex is an inheritance attorney who serves people looking for a lifetime relationship that is different from the typical attorney/client relationship in that his firm, Aleandros LLC does not charge you every time you call but rather charges a flat fee for a specific service that could stretch over your lifetime. Do you know what your story will be? Are you certain that your wishes will not be circumvented by the government and that your heirs will not pay more than necessary in legal fees and taxes? Alex helps answer some of those questions in this episode of Building Your Life with John Browning. And remember that you can always connect with John by texting “LIFE” to 21000 or by going to GuardianRockWealth.com.

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