Episode 111: Important Marital Money Matters (with Gabriella Chang)

by | Apr 5, 2022 | Build Your Life Podcast | 0 comments

On today’s episode, Financial expert and Amazon best-selling author John Browning talks with Gabriella Chang. Gabriela has her own podcast, the Magnetic Goddess where she helps women maintain healthy relationships and improve their lifestyles. We have a frank discussion about healthy relationships and the role money plays. You will learn: 1. The importance of balance in relationships 2. The importance of having regular conversations around the topic of your resources 3. Why the topic of money is typically one of the top reasons for marriage failures. You can reach Gabriella at www.theromancechat.com And you can always learn more when you Connect with John by texting “LIFE” to 21000 or GuardianRockWealth.com.


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